Ticket status is one of the main ticket fields that helps users and support agents track the progress and define business rules in the system.


At the moment, every Avantra support ticket can have one of these statuses: 

  • Being Processed
  • Investigating
  • Awaiting your Reply
  • Solution Proposed
  • The ticket has been resolved
  • The ticket has been closed
  • Engineering Review
  • Needs third-level Support
  • Awaiting Next Software Release

What do they mean?

Being Processed

This is the default status of a ticket created by the customer. They are the ones that immediately need the support team's attention.


Every time a customer replies to a ticket that has a different status, it always moves back to pending, so that the support team can take a look at it again and fix any issues (if necessary). Also, a ticket can have this status if the support representative replied, and yet didn’t offer any solution or asked for additional details, but asked for more time to investigate or reach out for help from someone else from the e.g. Product or Development Team.

Awaiting your Reply

A ticket can be moved into this status when an agent has replied to a ticket and is waiting to get more information from a customer. Sometimes, it can also be used with tickets that are on hold per customer’s request, or because of any third-party constraints that cannot be controlled by the support teams. 

Solution Proposed

When support agents are reasonably sure that they have provided the right solution to a customer, they can mark it as Solution Proposed. A ticket can have this status for five days, and if not answered by the customer, it is marked as The ticket has been resolved as soon as five days have passed. If there is a reply from the customer, a ticket gets the Pending status again.

The ticket has been closed

Tickets are typically set to Closed after 3 days in the Resolved status. A ticket can also be set to Closed when a requester acknowledges that the issue has indeed been resolved. However, even if the ticket has been marked as Closed, it will move back into Being Processed if the customer replies to it again.

Engineering Review

A ticket can have this status if it is under investigation by the support team with the engineering team. This generally means that there is a code review required. Tickets in this status are reviewed on a daily basis and can result in a solution being proposed, the ticket being sent to the development team or being added to the Avantra backlog as a feature request.

Needs third-level Support

Those selected for development (bug fixing, feature development, etc.) are moved into Needs third-level Support status, which is rather self-explanatory: developers created the corresponding tasks and are working on the implementation of the cases from tickets.

When the feature is developed (bug fixed, etc.) and there is a confirmation from the developer that an update will be implemented in the next releases, the ticket is moved into Awaiting Next Software Release status. As soon as the new product version is released, the support team follows up with tickets in this status with the recommendation to update the client version.