To raise a ticket with the Avantra team via our support portal at, login and select the option for "New Support Ticket" as shown below. If you do not have a login for the Avantra support portal, please contact your account representative or send an email to

Fill in the new ticket form providing all of the required information, including:

SubjectA brief description of the issue e.g. "Communication issue between agent and master"
TypeSelect an appropriate ticket type e.g. Question, Issue, Feature request
PriorityUrgent: ONLY TO BE USED FOR MEASURABLE BUSINESS IMPACT where the Avantra system is completely down or is causing a business-critical outage.

High: ONLY TO BE USED FOR A SYSTEM DOWN SCENARIO where the Avantra master is inoperative; or time-sensitive product questions where a resolution is needed as soon as possible but it is not currently impacting the business.

Medium: Non-urgent but important information that could be considered time-sensitive, such as deployment questions during the planning phase or automation issues.

Low: Clarification questions and all non-urgent queries.
DescriptionProvide as much detail as possible about your question or issue. We suggest using the following template:

  • State the issue or problem
  • The system is down? Yes/No
  • Provide steps to reproduce the issue
  • Include any examples of scenarios that cause the issue
  • State the nature of the business impact
  • Attach full screenshots, not cropped images
  • Attach system logs

Finally, simply submit your ticket, and a member of the Avantra support team will get back to you shortly.