Avantra Server

The following table will be updated periodically to show release information and end-of-maintenance information for various Avantra Server versions:

ReleaseRelease End of MaintenanceAdditional comments
23October 2022Not Announced
21.11November 2021Superseded by
Avantra 23
Out of support as of 1st Jan 2024
Fixes are provided
via Avantra 23

Security fixes will be provided until 1st Jan 2024 as required
20.11November 2020Out of support (April 2023)
20.5June 2020Out of support (Jun 2022)
20.2February 2020Out of support (Jan 2022)
7.2 & 7.3November 2018Out of support
7.0 & 7.1November 2017Out of support
6.XJune 2016Out of support

Avantra Agent

Agent version support timeframes follow the Avantra server matrix listed above with the exception of Avantra Agent 20.5.10 which is supported with major security fixes only to allow for the management of older 32-bit windows systems.

Customers are encouraged to keep their Agent installations current with their Avantra server major installation where possible. Avantra servers are fully backwards compatible with older agent versions however, to ensure the best experience and adopt the latest security and bug fixes, we recommend upgrading agents to match your Avantra server as soon as practical. The auto-update functionality within Avantra for remote agents is provided for exactly this reason.

This is a list of verified architectures upon which the Avantra Agent has been tested and will function correctly. The Avantra Agent may work on other Linux distributions correctly as long as you have the GNU C Library (glibc) version 2.7 or higher installed along with the required JRE version 8.

VersionAdditional comments
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)7


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)

Ubuntu18.04 LTS
20.04 LTS
22.04 LTS
IBMAIX 7.1 or higher
MicrosoftServer 2008 R232-bit versions are only supported from the 20.5 code line. Avantra Agent 20.5 only receives security updates and will not support newer features, e.g., automation.
Server 2012
Server 2016
Server 2019
Server 2022
OracleSolaris 10SPARC and x86_64 architectures only
Solaris 11SPARC and x86_64 architectures only


Java Runtime

Avantra currently supports only Java 8. We recommend the use of the Temurin JRE as provided by Adoptium from the Eclipse foundation (formerly known as Adopt OpenJDK). As per the support matrix from Adoptium, Temurin 8 currently has an announced support timeframe that is longer than all other Temurin versions (at least Nov 2026 at time of publication).

Please note that Avantra strongly recommends keeping your Java Runtime (JRE) installation current with the latest versions from your provider. Typically, new versions are released monthly and include security and bug fixes which are best practice to adopt as soon as possible. Avantra supports each java runtime release for a period of 6 months (JRE releases are currently expired by their providers typically within 4 months). JREs outside of this timeframe should be updated prior to seeking support from the Avantra support team.


Avantra currently supports PostgreSQL and MSSQL databases as listed in the table below. Typically we continue to support a database version until the provider (PostgreSQL or Microsoft) list it as out of mainstream maintenance. Please note we do not support database versions that are operated using an extended maintenance support package.

Avantra supports the use of Hyperscaler (GCP/AWS/Azure) database services e.g. AWS PostgreSQL RDS as long as the version in-use remains a supported version by the database provider

Database TypeVersionSupport Notes
PostgreSQL15.xSupported as of Avantra 23.2
14.xSupported as of Avantra 23.2
13.xFully supported
12.xFully supported
11.xSupported however please note PostgreSQL end support for this in Nov 2023 at which time it will be unsupported.
Microsoft SQL2022Fully supported
2019Fully supported
2017Supported with an advisory to upgrade to a version in mainstream maintenance by the end of 2024.

Operating Systems

Avantra servers can be run on a supported Linux or Microsoft operating system. Avantra actively supports and tests the running of the Avantra server on the following distributions and versions:

Operating SystemMajor VersionSupport Notes
SUSE / OpenSUSE15Fully supported
12Supported however please note that mainstream maintenance ends in Oct 2024.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)9Fully supported
8Supported however please note that mainstream maintenance ends in May 2024.
Ubuntu22.04 LTSFully supported
20.04 LTSFully supported
18.04 LTSSupported however please note that mainstream maintenance ends in Jun 2023.
Windows Server2022Fully supported
(version 1809)
Supported however please note that mainstream maintenance ends in Jan 2024.

Please note that the running of an Avantra SERVER on an application-specific flavor of certain linux distributions e.g. 'SUSE for SAP' is not supported in any configuration.