This document describes the changes in Avantra 23.3 that may require some work to be performed either before, during or after the upgrade to ensure your Avantra system is operating correctly and that your users can perform their duties.

Please read these notes below, the release notes changes page, and the known issues page before upgrading your Avantra system. If you have any questions on these changes, please reach out to Avantra support.

If upgrading through multiple major/minor versions at once, also read the notes and changes for all versions skipped by performing this upgrade.

Overview of notes

Issue IDSummary
XAN-4311Support for Java 17 for Avantra Agent [Beta]
XAN-4021Introduce new namespace permissions concept
XAN-4380BCS Checks: Email information hidden by default with new monitoring parameter to re-enable collection

XAN-4311 - Support for Java 17 for Avantra Agent [Beta]

With 23.3 we've introduced support for Java version 17 to run your agents only. This is in preparation for Avantra 24.0 where Java 17 will be the only version we will support for running Avantra on.

Because of the number of changes required to make this operational and the complexity of some of our customers' landscapes, we have released this as a beta and invite customers to validate this on non-critical, sandbox or development systems before switching productive systems.

We have created a second page to document the known issues for Java 17 support.

XAN-4021 - Introduce new namespace permissions concept

Avantra 23.3 removes the customer on workflows and steps definitions. Customers are still required for workflow executions to control the systems that a workflow can be executed on.

Instead of relying on customers for permissions for workflows and steps, users can be assigned the permission to create/edit/execute workflows and steps in a specific namespace.

This allows workflow developers to build a workflow that can be used across systems of all customers but only executed on specific systems by those users with permissions for that namespace and customer combination.

Breaking Change: As part of the upgrade, non-administrators will lose access to view/edit/create workflows in the Avantra system and roles must be created/edited to include the relevant namespace permissions those users need.

XAN-4380 - BCS Checks: Email information hidden by default

Our checks (BCS_OutboundErrors, BCS_OutboundErrStat and BCS_OutboundWaitStat) to ensure your SAP systems BCS sub-system is operating (emails and notifications are being sent correctly) reported back to Avantra the sender and received email and name.

Breaking Change: Importing the Avantra 23.3 transport changes this and the sender and recipient are obfuscated to prevent sensitive sender/receiver details from appearing in Avantra.

If this information was required, the old behaviour can be re-enabled by un-checking the SAP System monitoring parameter "MaskUserPersonalDetails".