To perform Avantra transfer from one host to another please complete the following steps:

  1. Install the Avantra master on the new system

  2. STOP the master and the Avantra UI on this new installed server

  3. Detach or dump the DB from the "old" Avantra Server

  4. Transfer the data to the new server

  5. Attach/restore the DB from the dump into the new Avantra Server

  6. STOP the master and the Avantra UI on the "old" Avantra Server

  7. Start the new Avantra Server (master and UI you stopped in the 2nd step)

  8. Log into Avantra UI on a new server

  9. Verify the Masterhost (go to Administration --> Settings --> Avantra master, check Network.masterhost) and the communication with the agents.