"There are no bugs if you don’t write any code."

This document details some of the known minor issues which customers may experience when using Avantra 21.11.x. As known issues, they will be fixed in the upcoming 21.11.x patches over the coming weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and encourage customers to review this document in detail before deciding to complete an upgrade to Avantra 21.11.

Overview of known issues

Issue IDSummaryStatusOutlook
Various Security Vulnerabilities were found in the Log4j 2 dependency used by AvantraClosedFixed in 21.11.3
FEA-249Try New UX DashboardsClosedFixed in 21.11.4
XAN-2567Instance Detection in 21.11.0  - 21.11.3ClosedFixed in 21.11.4
N/A21.11.0 Transports are not visible in Avantra Server < 21.11.0ClosedWorkaround suggested
FEA-644The content of some older dashboards are not visible in the new UIClosedWorkaround suggested


FEA-249 – Log4j 2 Security Vulnerabilities

Several security vulnerabilities were found a common Java dependency we use at Avantra that could potentially allow remote code execution. We released 21.11.3 with the updated version of the library (2.17.0) to mitigate these vulnerabilities. See our security articles for more information:

FEA-249 – Try New UX Dashboards

As part of our UX renewal project, we released our initial version of the new UX with 21.11.0. At the moment this is limited to dashboards with 21.11 and with 21.11.0 it is limited to display only. We have an ambitious plan to renew the UX through 2022 and we welcome any feedback on new features released.

XAN-2567 - Instance Detection in 21.11.0 - 21.11.3

We reviewed how we are doing instance detection with 21.11.0 to support more complex scenarios however this caused a regression in some of the already supported more complex scenarios. These issues have been fixed in 21.11.4 and customers experiencing those should upgrade once this release is available or reach out to support to see if a workaround is available for your scenario.

21.11.0 Transports are not visible in Avantra Server < 21.11.0

While upgrading to Avantra 21.11.0, customers are advised that they should upgrade the transports first (in this case) before the server and agent components to prevent errors occurring on the SAP systems. However, as 21.11.0 transports follow a slightly different naming convention, they are not visible in the Avantra Server UI. Once the Avantra Server and Agents have been upgraded to 21.11.x, these transports will be once again visible.

FEA-644 - Content of existing dashboards sometimes not visible

When migrating to the new UX, we added unique identifiers to each dashlet on each dashboard. In some circumstances these are not generated automatically in the upgrade. If you find a dashboard that appears in the left hand list of the new UX, but no content is shown for it, open this dashboard in the classic UI and resave it. This will force the creation of the unique identifiers and the dashboard will be visible in the new UX. Please reach out to Avantra Support if you experience any issues with this.