During December 2021 and through January 2022, Avantra will be making some minor changes to our Avantra Software Activation services. These are the services through which your Avantra software obtains activation authorization for continued use.

What are Avantra Activation Services?

Activation services interactions between your Avantra installation and our activation servers. This is the way we manage license activation within Avantra. Typically your Avantra installation will contact our activation services twice daily and are completed via the API endpoints below:

  • api.avantra.com
  • api.syslink-xandria.com
  • api.syslink.ch

Please note, these DNS names are NOT changing so if your outgoing firewall uses host-based rules rather than IP, then no change is required.

What is changing?

We will be relocating some of the infrastructure that underpins these activation services and so this will result in a new IP address being assigned to the DNS records above. For most customers this will not impact in any way however if you have hard-coded allow-rules in (for example) firewalls based on our current IP address, this will stop functioning beyond the 12th of Jan 2022.

What do I need to do?

If your Avantra sever resides in a location where outbound internet traffic is restricted and you have done this by IP address (this is unusual and not recommended) then you need to either:

  1. Adjust to use our DNS hostnames above
  2. Adjust your hardcoded IP address once we have made the changes in late Jan (contact support if you must go down this route)