The upgrade path for Avantra version 21.11 has changed slightly from previous versions.  There are also minimum requirements for the version of agent and transport you can have running on the system.  Following these guidelines will ensure the SAP systems remain connected to Avantra and offer the full monitoring capabilities as you upgrade.


Upgrade Dependencies

  • We now have a minimum transport version required for 21.11.  Before you can upgrade your agents to 21.11 you must have installed at least transport version 20.11.7.  If you are on a lower version of transports (<20.11.7) we require the import of 21.11.0 transports prior to upgrading the agent to 21.11.x.
  • We also have a minimum agent requirement for the 21.11.0 transports.  If you are running an agent older than 20.11.4, the agents need to be upgraded to a compatible version.  We recommend upgrading the agents to 20.11.7 before importing the 21.11.0 transports.

DO NOT Upgrade the Agent Directly to 21.11.x Before Importing Compatible Transports!

The 21.11 Avantra Master is fully backwards compatible with older agents. Agent upgrades do not need to take place immediately.

Please see the following solution document on the Avantra Transport details:
General information about Avantra transports

  1. Upgrade the Avantra Master Server to 21.11
  2. Import the 21.11 Transports
  3. Upgrade the Agent to 21.11

  1. Upgrade the Avantra Master Server to 21.11
  2. Upgrade Agent to 20.11.704
  3. Import the 21.11 Transports
  4. Upgrade the Agent to 21.11

For Complete documentation of the Avantra Upgrade, please refer to the documentation which can be found here: Upgrading Avantra