• What are the changes about?
    Starting from June 1, 2021, we will change the way we notify our customers of ticket responses. Ticket update notifications that you receive from support@avantra.com will no longer contain all ticket communication, but only information about the updated ticket status (e.g. “a new comment from the support agent was added” or “your ticket was downgraded”, etc.). There will also be a link to open your ticket details on the Avantra Support Portal.

  • Who will receive ticket update notifications?
    Ticket update notifications will be sent to the email address that is linked to the Avantra ID of the ticket requester.

  • How can I get my Avantra ID?
    Please send a request from your business email address to support@avantra.com.

  • Will this affect me if I am already using the Avantra Support Portal?
    If you are already using our Avantra Support Portal to create and reply to tickets, you will only notice that your ticket update notification does not contain a complete response, but a link to more information on our portal.

  • What happens if I reply to the ticket update notification by email?

    Your answer will be added to the ticket thread on the Avantra Support Portal and will be visible to our support agents and your team members, who have access to all of your company’s tickets.

  • Can I  add other team members to view the ticket? 

    If your team members already have an Avantra ID, they need to first check whether they can see all of your company’s tickets. If not, you need to request such access by sending an email to support@avantra.com or by raising a separate ticket.