General information about the license

The license is implemented through a License file and is installed on the Avantra Master server. It contains the number of SAP Systems, Databases, Servers, and Cloud systems that are permitted within your Avantra installation. The license key usually is restricted to a certain license period, depending on your contract.

Can I use one license for multiple instances?

No, your Avantra license is bound to one Avantra Server instance with failover scenarios being supported as part of this single license. For the avoidance of doubt, only a single Avantra license is required in high-availability (HA) and/or disaster recovery (DR) scenarios. However please note the following:

  • For a high-availability setup, the database must be common between your application servers. I.e. you cannot have the same license installed on multiple individual databases.
  • For disaster recovery, it is not permitted to have multiple Avantra installations active at the same time with the exception of short periods during failover or failback and these periods should be communicated to the Avantra support team.

All other multi-system use of an Avantra license is not permitted.

Can I obtain a license for testing purposes in my sandbox environment?

Yes, if you need a non-production license to test your systems, please reach out to your Avantra sales manager with the corresponding request. Test licenses are issued for free to all Avantra customers however the quantity of licensed objects is very limited for test licenses. Please also note that test environments are required to use auto-activation.

What are the restrictions of a free Demo license?

Test or demo licenses must not be used in production scenarios and must auto-activate with the Avantra license servers once every few days.

My server requests that I manually re-activate my license periodically. Can I set up auto-activation for this purpose?

Yes, Avantra (or Syslink Xandria) has auto-activation available since version 7.2. Also, it includes support for proxy-servers to account for environments where direct internet access is not available. A brief guide to how to set this up and test this connectivity can be found here.

What happens if the number of configured systems is more than the number of licensed objects?

If there are more Physical Servers, SAP Systems, SAP Instances and Databases active than actually licensed, the systems entered last into Avantra are ignored, i.e. messages sent by the affected monitoring agent are dropped, instead there are UNKNOWN Check Results in the RealTime Monitoring.

How often do I need to activate the license manually if no automatic activation is possible?

Standard licenses must be activated at least once every 30 days. Consumption-based licenses must be activated once every 4 days. Both of these scenarios are best set up using auto-activation via a connection to the Avantra license servers. It is not possible to issue a license with longer periods of re-activation.