Thank you for your interest in Avantra! This document describes how to prepare to install Avantra and quickly connect your SAP systems. It is intended for technical staff.

Before you begin

Since you are actually reading this document, you already have proper user credentials to access the download area on our website The current document refers to the instructions contained in the Avantra Product Guide.


Avantra Server

Avantra server software should be compatible with all current operation system releases of all supported platforms. However, to be sure, you can check the section Appendix/Supported Platforms of the Avantra Product Guide.

For a PoC installation, we recommend 8 GB of free disk space. For Unix installations (AIX/Linux) please create a filesystem /syslink. You need root (Unix) / administrator (Windows) permissions to perform the installation. Please also install the latest version of the Java 8 Runtime Environment (Windows/Linux, AIX). 

The Avantra server only supports 64-bit OS with 64-bit Java.

Network connectivity

Please make sure that the Avantra Agents running on the operating system of servers to be monitored can connect to the Avantra server and vice versa. Additionally, all users who want to work with Avantra must be able to reach the Avantra server using their browsers.

TCP/IP Ports

Listens On
Connected By
Avantra Server
Avantra Agent
Avantra Server
80 / 443
Avantra users using an internet browser
Avantra Agent
Avantra Server

If you have network connectivity problems, i. e. firewall rules cannot be granted, please check out the Avantra Gateway which allows HTTP tunneling. For more information, see section Verify Network Connectivity of the Avantra Product Guide. This section also details how you can check network connectivity.

Avantra Agent

Preparations for SAP systems:

  1. ABAP only: import the transport for Avantra as described in the Avantra Product Guide, see section Importing the Avantra SAP Transport Request.
  2. ABAP only: create an RFC user, see section Avantra RFC User Setup of the Avantra Product Guide.
  3. Optional setup for J2EE only: create an administration user (usually you can use the already existing user J2EE_ADMIN or Administrator).

Preparations for databases:

The primary DB of an SAP system is automatically detected by RFC or J2EE connection. You only need to know the user names and passwords of existing ABAP or JAVA db schema users. Optionally, you can create dedicated users as described in section User Setup for Database Monitoring of the Avantra Product Guide.

Downloading Avantra

Before you install the product, you need to download the latest patch from Avantra components.

Important: Starting with Syslink Xandria 7.3, the patch level of the Avantra Master must be equal to or higher than that of the Avantra Agent.

  1. Logon to the download area at
  2. Navigate to the components section, either click on Go to components download or simply scroll down (you may want to read the release notes).
  3. Click on Avantra Server, choose the version.
  4. Download Server Release avantra-server-[x.x.x]-[os] for your Avantra server platform.
  5. Click on Home above.
  6. Click on Avantra Agent, choose the version.
  7. Download Agent Release agent-[x.x.x]-[os] is for your Avantra agent host platform.
  8. Download the transports-for-avantra-[x.x.x].zip located in Avantra contributions.


Installation is usually accompanied by Avantra Professional Services staff or one of its partners. At the same time, it is well described and simple enough to do it yourself. Just follow the steps outlined in the section Installation Steps for Product Evaluation of the Avantra Product Guide.